What to Know About Marigolds

Marigolds-they are almost everywhere around us. You should know that they are more than just good looks.

Flower Marigold Orange Yellow Genda Jhendu

Their native country is Mexico, although the name indicate that they are from France or Africa. These colorful flowers have been popular in America for decades. They grow up in late summer and in the early fall. Some selections can dazzle until the first frost. They’re treasured for their varied blooms, that come in a rainbow of hues from yellows and oranges to deep maroon. They’re easy to grow in the right conditions and they’re very reliable. Here, a few facts you may not have already known about these colorful flower.

Marigolds attract butterflies and caterpillars

Plant a few marigolds to encourage butterflies and caterpillars to make themselves at home. Besides to these insects, they really are everyone’s favorite.

They’re edible and spicy

Correct! You can use them in the kitchen, not only to decorate your garden.  Spicy and herbal, these flowers are also known as poor man’s saffron. If you’re in pinch, you can subbing them into a tarragon.

Marigolds can get very tall

Usually, they only grow to be six inches to a foot tall. However, are some species can grow to be five feet tall. If you want the big, bold blooms of these colorful flowers at eye level, try selections like Climax or Flagstaff.