Some Useful Tips How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh in The Hot Days

Your flowers must stay beautiful and blooming even in the heat.

Don’t know how to keep your flowers fresh?

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There are lot of available advice how to cope with the heat and how to protect the flowers in hot days. But, not all of them are efficient. We prepared some easy tips to keep them fresh in the days with very high temperatures.

1. Trim 5cm from the base of the stem to remove any blockages and creating a new permeable “drinking” area. Don’t forget to cut at an angle to increase the surface area.

2. Place stems in lukewarm water as they will enjoy this more and absorb the water more quickly than cold. This method will keep your flowers hydrated.

3.  The sun evaporates the water in your blooms and stems, so you should keep them out of direct sunlightKeep them as cool as possible and avoid changes in temperature. Temperature changes  can make blooms die quicker, i.e. a room with sun that moves around the room can have a negative effect.

4. Vase should be with a wider neck than the width of the flowers. This allows air around the stems and prevents mould building.

5. Make sure you clean your vases really thoroughly with anti-bacterial wash to sterilize them, because bacteria breeds within dirty vases, and the heat welcomes this breeding! You should not leave any leaves or bits in your water, only perfectly trimmed stems. Leaves will rot in the water, especially in the heat and breed bacteria that will shorten the life of your flowers.