Turtle Tabletop Candle Holder

How to Make a Turtle Tabletop Candle Holder

This tiny turtle looks terrific outside or inside. Position it in between potted plants, on a patio or even atop your picnic table for an adorable decoration. Wherever you decide to display this little guy, you can be sure that his colored coat won’t fade or chip when you use Americana Multi Surface Paint.

  • 1 Hot glue head and feetHot glue the ball know onto the saucer for the head. Glue four mini pots upside down onto the bottom of the saucer for feet.
  • 2 Apply basecoatPaint the ball knob and mini pot feet with a basecoat of green paint. Paint the saucer with a black basecoat.
  • 3 Sponge yellow and citrus paintSponge yellow and citrus paint onto the clay saucer, head and ffet. Let dry completely.
  • 4 Lightly sponge saucerLightly sponge over the saucer with honey colored paint.
  • 5 Dab red paintDab red paint on the cheeks.
  • 6 Add eyesDot eyes on the ball know with white and black paint, or attach wiggle eyes.
  • 7 Draw squiggle squaresDraw squiggle squares as the sections of a turtle’s shell on the saucer using a white Sharpie paint pen.
  • 8 Paint & place candlePaint candle to match and place on turtle’s back.


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