Top New Perennials for 2017

Agapanthus ‘Neverland’
A bright new lily of the Nile. Sporting yellow-and-chartreuse variegated foliage is the start of this new variety’s appeal. The foliage maintains a nice, tidy clump that stays below 12 inches tall. On top of that, these plants wave wands of sky blue flowers all season long.

Plant name: Agapanthus ‘Neverland’ PPAF

Growing conditions: full sun to part shade

Size: 18 inches tall by 12 inches wide

Zone: 8

Grow it with: tufted hairgrass and salvia

Amsonia ‘Storm Cloud’
A breakthrough in native plant breeding, this new variety of Bluestar is a knockout! Foliage emerges almost black in spring and ages to dark green with silver veins. It then begins the real show with numerous clusters of starry blue flowers and continues to bloom for weeks. Afterward, it maintains a great presence in any garden and has great heat and humidity tolerance. It stands up to deer as well!

Plant name Amsonia tabernaemontana ‘Storm Cloud’

Growing conditions: full sun to part shade

Size: 24-30 inches tall by 38-42 inches wide

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: hardy hibiscus and Shasta daisy

Andropogon ‘Blackhawks’

A big bluestem, ‘Blackhawks’ has deep purple to almost black foliage. Not only is this foliage darker than most, it colors up much earlier than other bluestems. At 5 feet tall and no flopping, this grass is a beacon of color in a perennial garden.

Plant name: Andropogon gerardii ‘Blackhawks’ PPAF

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 5 feet tall

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: asters and goldenrods


Coreopsis ‘Gilded Lace’
What sets this coreopsis apart is its sheer size contrasted with its delicate, lacy foliage. This is not your average coreopsis. At a whopping 4-5 feet tall, this is sure to stun, especially with its impressive bloom time—June through October! It’s also great for pollinators and very disease resistant.

Plant name: Coreopsis ‘Gilded Lace’

Growing conditions: full sun

Size: 4-5 feet tall

Zone: 5-9

Grow it with: agastache and Culver’s root

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