Spring Cleaning Strategies


Spring Cleaning Strategies

The snow has melted, there’s a warm breeze in the air, and little green buds are slowly growing. Spring is on its way, and with that, so is spring cleaning! This time of year is the perfect push a lot of people need to get their homes in tip-top shape, while others really look forward to it! I’m a bit of both, personally, as I love having a clean house, but sometimes I need that extra motivation to get it done.

Over the years it’s become evident that there are spring cleaning strategies to make the process a whole lot easier and faster. If you’re looking for ways to get your home cleaned out now that temperatures have risen, this one’s for you!

Get Organized First

A bucket of cleaning supplies and a mop on a wood floor.

A lot of people go straight to cleaning without a plan and find themselves flustered and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work to do. Instead of jumping right in just to throw in the dishrags shortly after, you might want to consider getting yourself organized first. Before you even fill up that mop bucket or put on your rubber gloves, grab a pen and piece of paper and have a seat. This is the time to use brains over brawn, which will save you a lot of time and hassle in the end.

Create a Checklist

Before anything else, write a checklist of all things you need to do. If you’re going to clean the entire house, it could be a pretty long checklist, so I recommend organizing it room by room. When I clean my own house, I always work from top to bottom in each room, starting with dusting the ceiling fans all the way to mopping the floor. I also work from top to bottom in the house, from the upstairs bedrooms all the way to the basement. Your checklist doesn’t have to be in that same order, but at least write down each of the things you want to accomplish so you can feel that satisfaction as you check off each item, knowing you covered everything. Things you might write down could be: clean the windows, wipe down the baseboards, wash the carpets, etc.


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