Ladybug Luminaries

How to Make Ladybug Luminaries

We found an insect that won’t bug anoyone! You’ll love having these Ladybug Luminaries in your garden. Nestle these cute little critters next to a potted plant, or flip their tea lights on and use them to mark the edges of a garden path at night.

  • 1 Paint pot redPaint the pot red and let dry completely.
  • 2 Paint wood ball blackPaint the wood ball black and let dry completely.
  • 3 Add detailsDraw a narrow V onto the pot and fill it in with black paint. Use a sponge dabber to apply black polka dots. Let dry completely.
  • 4 Attach wood ballGlue the wood ball near the base of the pot below the V. Let dry completely.
  • 5 Add wiggle eyesAdd wiggle eyes to the wood ball.
  • 6 Place a votivePlace a battery powered votive inside the pot.

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