This Veggie Train is an EASY snack for kids to enjoy. Since I already had some chopped veggies already in my fridge it took me less than 10 minutes to put together this adorable Vegetable Train…. Choo! Choo!! The kids will be chewing their veggies in no time (Ok….I had too) Check out these Veggie Dip Shooters too!


I had a bunch of sliced veggies, so all I had to do was slice the tops off of some peppers, I was lucky to have some red, green and orange on hand. I grabbed some toothpicks and began creating this fun veggie train snack for kids.


Now don’t worry, your veggies do not have to look perfect, you (and the kids) are going to be eating them anyway – just look, my cucumbers were at the point of needing to get used up, so it was perfect.


Stand some chopped veggies in the peppers and use toothpicks to attach the cucumbers and you are set.

I love this fun way to encourage kids to eat their vegetables. And this veggie train would be perfect for a party, a playdate, or anywhere kids will be.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just have fun and I am sure your kids will love it.


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