DIY Patio Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

DIY Timber Side Table
Erin of Francois et Moi nailed the look of the iconic Backenzahn (“molar”) stool for this DIY patio furniture knock-off, right down to its signature tapered legs. The outdoor table is made from one 6×96-inch chunk of solid outdoor-grade timber divided into four equal pieces with a circular saw. An affordable take on a contemporary classic, the wood side table adds a modern touch to a bohemian-chic patio.

DIY Pallet Daybed

Jaime, coauthor of Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Family Home, wanted an outdoor couch for relaxing with friends, plus a place to nap outside with her daughter. So she designed a pallet daybed with pipe and flange arms to support the bolsters and casters to make it mobile. Of course, the key to a comfy outdoor daybed is pillows, and Jaime added plenty — some purchased, some hand-sewn.

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

Emily of Table and Hearth had two must-haves in mind when designing an outdoor dining table, her first large-scale DIY. She wanted to use distressed wood that she found on the side of the road, and she wanted her DIY patio table to have a crossbar. After adding a sliding miter, a circular saw and drill, and a pocket hole kit to her toolbox, Emily was able to build a simple yet impressive farmhouse-style dining table for her rustic patio.

DIY Painted Bistro Set
All it takes to personalize store-bought patio furniture is a few containers of paint. The rainbow hues of this DIY patio furniture makeover reflect the colorful personality of blogger Rachel of The Crafted Life, but you could take your painted bistro set in a more muted or more monochromatic direction. The key is to pick outdoor paint that can withstand the elements, and to start the job with a paint roller for a smooth, streak-free application.

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