10 DIY Garden Ideas for Using Old Pallets


Creative Garden Pallet Uses

Are you looking for a way to add dimension and interest to your garden area? Is your dilemma one of limited space? Try adding an old pallet to your plans for an inexpensive solution to many gardening challenges. You might already have one lying around that you can reuse. You can also seek pallets out at recycling or donation centers and at stores that carry large item inventories. Don’t be afraid to just ask your local hardware store if they have pallets you can take off their hands.

Once you have found a pallet, you should clean it up and determine whether the wood of the pallet has been chemically treated with preservatives, especially if you would like to plant edibles into your pallet garden.  After that, the key to incorporating a pallet into your project is to tap into your creative side and think a little outside of the box.  Or maybe inside the box, in this case.  Here are ten clever ways to use a pallet to enhance your garden projects.

  • An interesting way to use a pallet in your garden is to use it for your vertical gardening purposes.  Vertical gardening is a great solution to the problem of limited space.  A pallet can be stood on end on a patio or other small space for a touch of botanical beauty.  You have the flexibility of stocking your vertical pallet garden with herbs, succulents, vegetables or flowers. Head to http://lifeonthebalcony.com/how-to-turn-a-pallet-into-a-garden/ to visualize a do it yourself pallet idea for your own small patio garden.
  • In addition to taking up less space, vertical gardening with pallets is a different way to grow certain vegetables in your garden such as tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers that thrive when grown off the ground.  Learn how to build a vegetable garden vertically within a pallet here: http://www.growingagreenerworld.com/creating-a-pallet-garden-step-by-step-instructions/
  • Raised garden beds can produce twice the amount of vegetables per square foot than traditional row gardens.  They also promote improvement of soil since they are not easily walked on.  There is improved soil drainage, and a raised bed allows for a longer growing season since they warm earlier in the spring and stay warmer later into the harvest season. For raised garden purposes, a pallet can be laid flat on the ground, lined with landscape fabric, and filled with soil.  To learn more about how to grow vegetables, herbs,  fruits, or flowers in a raised bed fashion with a pallet, visit http://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-raised-beds-pallets-44441.html
  • For an even more abundant harvest, pallets can be stacked and strategically positioned to create vertical garden growth as well as horizontal garden growth.  Learn more about how to accomplish this here:  http://themicrogardener.com/20-creative-ways-to-upcycle-pallets-in-your-garden/
  • With a few pallets, build your own composter that can be placed anywhere in your yard. Composters aide in providing organic food for your garden plants.  To learn the how-to for building and composting in a pallet container check out http://compostbinplans.net/types-of-compost-bins/pallet-compost-bin-plan/
  • No shed for your large gardening tools?  No problem.  Here is a super easy way to use a pallet for storage: http://www.fleamarketgardening.org/2012/09/13/using-ordinary-pallets-in-a-fantastic-garden/
  • Another useful and aesthetic option is to create a potting bench by piecing together two or three pallets.  A potting bench is a great place to store your smaller tools and pots to keep seedlings that need extra attention close at hand or to feature your favorite foliage.  For instructions on how to build a pallet potting bench:  http://www.hometipsworld.com/how-to-make-a-diy-garden-potting-bench.html
  • A fairy garden is a project for the youngest gardeners or for those young at heart. The smaller size of a pallet is a manageable size for a perfectly magical fairy garden. To find a step by step how-to  guide to build your own enchanted garden in a pallet http://www.goodgirlgonegreen.com/gardening/how-to-build-a-fairy-garden-made-from-pallets-logs-and-shade-plants
  • Another youth-inspired idea for your garden area is to add a pallet swing. Pallet swing plans range from fun and simple to warm and cozy. To build one yourself http://woodenpalletfurniture.com/pallet-furniture/diy-pallet-swing-plans-chair-bed-bench/
  • Nestle an easy-to-build pallet bench into any little garden niche.  Take your pick from these garden bench designs http://diypallets.com

Do you have another DIY garden idea for an old pallet? Leave us a comment to keep the ideas coming!